What's the idea…

Equipped with all what it takes to be a rocking brand, Crux is a force to reckon with in the times to come…!

Crux of the story is, we are relatively young and our outlook is fresh. We've a fair understanding of the business. Crux is a versatile advertising agency by nature and a brand communication expert by profession. We nurture a diverse spectrum of clientele we proudly are associated with. We offer specialized services in all aspects of marketing communication.

A perfect blend of all media vehicles is something we don't compromise with. With a holistic approach we have built and are in process of building many success stories including ours. We believe in challenging our own strengths, poking our capabilities and growing every day.


The way we do it

We do our homework well. We stick to basics!

To tell you the ultimate truth, we stick to the basics! While getting into the crux of any assignment, three main fundamental characteristic we apply are: know the purpose, identify the TG and gauge the desired impact of the communication. Knowing the purpose helps us understand the credentials and the key strengths of the client.

Exact identification of the TG is of vital importance. As it gives us a clear idea of the kind of flavor the communication should carry. And the desired impact tells us the intensities to work with. Having built a strong knowledge base about the assignment, we take a fresh breath and start thinking about the concept & the ideation.


We approach every problem with a unique methodology


Proactive Starting with thorough research, identification of lucrative opportunities and gauging the desired impact
Interactive Getting a deeper understanding of the marketing assignment
Reactive Processing the information, innovatively trying out newer options and strategizing
Cre-active Conceptualizing the solution with the excellence in designing and the best of the creativity


We have a large spectrum

Crux is thoroughly accustomed with all the facets of communication.

We are a full service advertising agency. And we're passionate about trying out innovative media vehicles. We take ownership of the ideas we recommend. We are accountable for the impact of the communication built by us. We're the brand custodians for our clients. Once we have zeroed on the branding strategy comprising of a spectrum of services, we immediately like to get into action. And implement the gameplan to the fullest of its extent.

May it be any medium and the form of communication, we match it perfectly in accordance with the brand guidelines, the brand promise and the core attributes of the brand. With focus on versatility and a broader continuum of expertise, we offer a 360 solution.


Know more about us

Here, we inhale inputs and exhale concepts. A creative hub where fresh ideas are hatched!

Our workplace, the infrastructure and the team of domain experts are integral parts of Crux. Team Crux is a rock-solid unit with a precise balance of the fresh brains and the experienced shoulders.

The office inspires us to do more, A lot of thought has gone behind creating this place. A second home for us, where we passionately make discussions to improve our bottom line and finetune strategies. We request you to have a look at our office.